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Refurbished branded business computer equipment

ITR Bulgaria was established in 2009 in the city of Burgas, Bulgaria.

The refurbished branded computer equipment, which ITR Bulgaria sells, is intended for business purposes, but it is suitable for end users also. Our clients and partners can count on us because we are reliable, competent, effective, honest, consistent, and devoted.

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Genuine Microsoft software

ITR Bulgaria is the only MAR in Bulgaria. We are authorized with a direct contract by Microsoft® to sell refurbished computer equipment with a preinstalled Microsoft® software, which is intended for both business and end users.

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We have at stock large quantities of refurbished laptops and mobile workstations from HP, Dell, Lenovo, Fujitsu-Siemens, with a variety of screen sizes and characteristics.

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ITR Bulgaria can supply you with a wide variety of refurbished branded computers and workstations – with many different form factors and specifications, depending on your needs.

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Here you can find our great stock of business and professional monitors.

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We can offer some of the best servers by HPE, Dell and other leaders in the field, which are perfect for complex computing and data processing, requiring significant capacity.



The printers, which ITR Bulgaria sells, are suitable for many different organizations and are intended for intensive work.

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The software and IT equipment we sell are produced by the leaders:

Microsoft HP HPE Dell Fujitsu Lenovo

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