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Nowadays computers are an essential part of our lives and not only that – they have become a necessity. This also applies to businesses, where the usage of computers is an integral part of the business process by improving its productivity and effectiveness. To be competitive and to function normally, every enterprise, whether it is small, medium-sized, or large, needs a sustainable, productive, and secure computer equipment.

What is “business equipment”

IT manufacturers basically categorize their products into 2 major series – “consumer” and “business”.

The consumer class is used mostly for fun, and it has lower price and shorter life.

The business class is intended for work and high load, which is why the materials used for its production have a lot better quality, which is strictly controlled. The equipment is produced under the highest standards, and it goes through multiple tests. Also, the business class product design is developed by the manufacturer’s engineers, while the consumer series use designs sold by external companies, which are original design manufacturers.

That is why the business series have longer genuine warranty and longer support (divers, fixes, etc.). A major priority of the business class is also security. The products have built-in systems, component, technologies, and security features, which are not included in the consumer series.

All of these guarantee the reliability, security, effectiveness, and long life of the business equipment. This determines its higher price, but the clients get much more for their money.

Refurbished business computer equipment

Stimulated by the desire to cut down costs and at the same to time to reach the necessary productivity at a much lower price, a lot of companies use the more profitable solutions provided on the refurbished equipment market. The global trend of using such equipment has been growing for a long time now. The reason is that it is greener, and it offers the desired efficiency at a significantly lower price.

What exactly is the difference between used and refurbished computer equipment?
It is mainly in the level of quality. The used equipment most of the cases has an unknown origin, no warranty, no operating system, poor exterior, and most importantly – a questionable performance. The refurbished computer equipment is products, which have been previously used and then they go through series of hardware tests and auditing, which guarantees its quality and extends its life. That allows for the refurbished equipment to have a warranty and a genuine operating system with all the drivers that go along with it. The refurbished equipment has a much more affordable price, which makes it the right choice for you if you are looking for a quality, reliable and effective product to use for a long time.

In ITR Bulgaria we understand the businesses’ needs for quality, trustworthy, secure, and productive computer equipment, which at the same time has an affordable price.

Over the past 10 years and counting ITR Bulgaria has been recognized as a leader in the refurbishment field. Our main activity is imports, exports and refurbishing of computer equipment, wholesale, and retail of refurbished used IT equipment, such as computers, laptops, monitors and components.
We work only with branded business equipment produced by the IT leaders, such as: Dell, Lenovo, HP, Fujitsu, etc.
By depending on the reliability and quality of the world recognized and proven over time producers, ITR Bulgaria transfers this quality to its clients and partners at affordable prices.
The supply of quality equipment, the good prices and flexible policies based on our customers’ needs made our company the leading supplier of refurbished computer equipment in Bulgaria and worldwide. Over the past years the products we sell changed from “just used computers and components” to “fully refurbished and complete branded solutions, combined with genuine software and real warranty”.

What do our business customers gain?

  • High professionalism
  • Wide variety of high-quality products and services at reasonable prices
  • Fully refurbished products, ready to use with genuine software
  • Professional service department – hardware repairs and RMA
  • Quality, professional, adequate, and fast consulting and serviceQuality, professional, adequate, and fast consulting and service
  • Competitive and flexible prices depending on the needs and quantities
  • Variety of trading tools and benefits
  • Timely notifications on current offers, sales, and useful information
  • Good logistics policy with a possibility for free delivery

High professionalism

Our process of refurbishing is certified to the ISO 9001 standard, which guarantees the highest quality and professionalism, even though the products are not brand new. This process shows the clients that they are working with a reliable partner, who protects their interests, operating under strict standards, which are constantly improving the quality.
ITR Bulgaria has a team of highly qualified professionals.

Wide variety of high-quality products and services at reasonable prices

Our company has constant large stocks and wide variety of refurbished business computers, laptops, monitors, printers.

We have a constant stock of tens of thousands of laptops, computers, monitors, servers, accessories, and peripheral devices, and we are always trying to increase our variety.

Each unit is fully refurbished, it goes through full hardware tests, technical and cosmetic auditing, and maintenance, thus meeting all the necessary criteria and requirements of the ISO 9001 certified process, so that we can be sure that we provide the highest possible quality to our customers.

The quality and reliable packaging of the products is also our priority, so that we can minimize the risks of transportation. That is why we’ve implemented policies and procedures of packaging and we use only the most professional packing with the highest quality.

Each of our products is sold with a genuine warranty (according to our Warranty terms).

The large price and product range fulfills the needs of clients of all consumer groups – from end users to large resellers in Bulgaria and Europe.

Fully refurbished products, ready to use with genuine Microsoft® software

ITR Bulgaria is the only MAR (Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher) in Bulgaria – we are authorized with a direct contract by Microsoft® to sell refurbished computer equipment with a preinstalled Microsoft® software, which is intended for both business and end users. Therefore, you have the opportunity to purchase a fully refurbished product with a preinstalled operating system Windows 10 or Windows 11 - Home or Pro at a unique price, which is 100% ready to use by the end user. Thus, you will be able to enjoy the usage of quality high-end products, manufactured by the IT leaders (Dell, Lenovo, HP, Fujitsu, etc.), combined with a fully licensed operating system Windows, so that your work is guaranteed to be trouble-free and with maximum security. With every computer or laptop you buy with a preinstalled operating system, you will get:

  • Genuine software from Microsoft;
  • All units preinstalled with MAR Windows Digital license have 12 months of warranty!
  • 30 days trial version of the newest Microsoft Office;
  • Antivirus software Microsoft Defender Antivirus;
  • Preinstalled Microsoft Teams;
  • All necessary drivers;
  • Every product with preinstalled Windows is in English, but there are more than 100 other languages available.

Professional service department – hardware repairs and RMA

Our main goal has always been to deliver the highest possible quality of our products. Refurbishing of computer equipment is a complex process, to which we give the utmost attention and professionalism. We make no compromises in this aspect and that is why ITR Bulgaria has a well-organized professional service department. At any moment we can refurbish and test over 200 computers and 400 laptops at once. We have an ISO 9001 certified process of testing, auditing and warranty claims policy, and a team of highly professional technicians is responsible for the repairs of the products we sell.

Quality, professional, adequate, and fast consulting and service

Over the years ITR Bulgaria has proven to be a leader in its field and we’ve worked closely and successfully with the small and medium-sized business, as well as with large enterprises. We use an individual approach to each of our business customers, searching for the best solution depending on their specific needs. The basis of our success is the excellent cooperation with our long-term partners, colleagues, and clients. The ITR Bulgaria team strives for a quality, fast and professional service and consulting. We try to maintain high ethical and social standards in our work with our customers.

Competitive and flexible prices depending on the needs and quantities

We can offer flexible prices and terms, which are suitable for all businesses. The prices are the best, and the products satisfy the needs even of the most demanding clients.

Variety of trading tools and benefits

Depending on the activity and volume of purchases, our business customers may take advantage of various rights and benefits, as we once again use the individual approach for each deal.

Timely notifications on current offers, sales, and useful information

Every week you may receive an e-mail or a phone call about our latest campaigns and sales. You will be regularly informed about new products, which may be of interest to you. We will also send important news and useful information regarding the IT branch and business.

Good logistics policy with a possibility for free delivery

We have contracts with leading transport and logistics companies for preferential prices and on certain conditions we offer free delivery.

The high quality, reliability and affordable prices of our products make them suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, large enterprises, and the Education sector.

Small and medium-sized business

Large enterprises

Education sector

A lot of entities from the sectors of tourism, government administrations, and medicine also choose refurbished computer equipment for their activity.

Tourism sector

Government administrations


The refurbished branded computer equipment is also an excellent choice for organizations in the fields of:

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